Tuesday, July 8, 2014


We're back from our 9 month show hiatus. Sh*t, time can pass in a hurry. Behind the scenes, we've been plenty busy, however. Album #2 is well in the works, and 3 new songs are just about in the bag. On the 19th we'll be performing these 3 live, along side our brothers from the north, STONEBURNER and BURIALS, as well as fellow Oaklanders AUGURS and the newly formed SLOWFAST. We're pretty excited about this show; it's always a good time with the dudes from the rose city, and also---our newest song is a f**kn' monster. I guess all that time hiding in the studio has yielded some results. So, see you at the First Church of the Buzzard on saturday---we'll most likely be the closer of the night.

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