Monday, May 6, 2013


A week ago we returned from our 2nd NW mini-tour. And though we came at it a little more ready than previous, holy hell this was a challenging one. 1k in tire repair, amps blowing, half dead from sleep deprivation, cops and missing licenses, horses and electric fences, and general insanity at times within the band---it's hard to believe how much chaos ensued in such a short period. But ultimately, the whole thing was hilarious. And what other way is there to look at it? The challenges came and went, and everything in between was terrific. Throughout, we teamed up with some seriously fantastic and original bands, and met a lot of cool folks. Big thanks to all that made this a reality-----Eric and Ninth Moon Black(thanks Atom and Kasey for babysitting us), Matt and Reigns, Wendy and Uzi, Garrison, Dj Tenex, Les Schwab, Allen "yea brow" Verelly, Ben and Burials, Druden, Chris and Ash St., Pete Jay and BlackQueen, Joy and the awe-inspiring Eye of Nix, Golgothan Sunrise, Blood of Kings, Geeg McSeegins, The Habers, and BJ Dick. Salud! 


Allen eating toast.

Hanging with the Schwabs, PDX chapter.

Hurricane Karina served us a world class brunch at the Hazel Room.


Ashland. Garrison and a handful of others were the only audience members that night, but still this was good fun.
M.D. of Reigns. (photo by Al Case)
Eugene welcomes you.

Atom's LP collection kept us up till the sun rose.

ghosts of Merlin.

Seattle. What an excellent, mixed-up show.
Eye of Nix. What a fantastic performance. Joy scared the shit out of me.