Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Come April 21st we're hitting the road again in the mighty Elsewhere, this time with our comrades Cormorant. This will be the longest tour we've done, and the farthest east we've traveled as a band. Exciting times indeed, as we also have just completed a new record––entirely written, recorded and mixed by ourselves. Now we have something on tape a little more current for you to hear, rather than just our 3 year old album. We're manufacturing a short run of cds right now, which will be for sale at the shows, including our send off show this friday at the First Church of the Buzzard in west oakland:
Flyer by Clint from Hazzard's. And a most excellent sendoff that show will be! The tour begins a few days later, starting in Sactown the 21st. The schedule:

Some details aren't all ironed out yet, but it's something like this:

4/21 Sactown. Blue Lamp w/ WANING
4/22 Eugene. Wandering Goat w/ HALLOW, tba
4/23 PDX. Blackwater Bar w/ BURIALS, MOON MANSION
4/25 Everett. Tony V's w/ COVEN, DESCIPLES OF DISSENT
4/26 Bellingham. Shakedown w/ SACRAMENT OV IMPURITY
4/28 SLC. hmm.... still trying to get this one figured out.
4/29 Cheyenne. The Hermann Hole w/ tba. This should be interesting. (?)
4/30 Colorado Springs. Subterranean w/ ELETE
5/1   Santa Fe. The Cave w/ ECHOES OF FALLEN, DYSPHOTIC, YAR
5/2   Tempe. Time Out Lounge w/ LADYBIRD, WOLVES OF WINTER
5/4   Riverside. Mission Tobacco Lounge (damn, we're playing a lot of lounges) w/ THE MENDENHALL EXPERIMENT

And then we rest for a sec. Just for a sec though-----
Friday May 22nd we're gonna squeeze in behind the pool table at MERCHANTS in Croakland's produce district. Never done this before, thrilled! The details are still hazy, but so far it's us and Seattle's ONE GOD OR AN OTHER, as part of their short tour. Most likely EMBERS will be joining us, but that's yet to be confirmed.
The following night, we play The Bottom Of The Hill with GIANT SQUID and BOTANIST. Pretty excited about this, as we've always wanted to play there. And who knows, the techies might have that place steamroll'd sooner than you could say Yoga-Industrial-Complex. Here's the flyer:

That's the news for now. Come to one of these shows and cop the new rekkid. Not sure at this point how quickly we're going to have it on sale in cyberspace, so how bout you grab something physical in the meantime. Sheeit, we even had some special rubber stamps made for the cd jackets by our patnas at

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


We're back from our 9 month show hiatus. Sh*t, time can pass in a hurry. Behind the scenes, we've been plenty busy, however. Album #2 is well in the works, and 3 new songs are just about in the bag. On the 19th we'll be performing these 3 live, along side our brothers from the north, STONEBURNER and BURIALS, as well as fellow Oaklanders AUGURS and the newly formed SLOWFAST. We're pretty excited about this show; it's always a good time with the dudes from the rose city, and also---our newest song is a f**kn' monster. I guess all that time hiding in the studio has yielded some results. So, see you at the First Church of the Buzzard on saturday---we'll most likely be the closer of the night.

Monday, May 6, 2013


A week ago we returned from our 2nd NW mini-tour. And though we came at it a little more ready than previous, holy hell this was a challenging one. 1k in tire repair, amps blowing, half dead from sleep deprivation, cops and missing licenses, horses and electric fences, and general insanity at times within the band---it's hard to believe how much chaos ensued in such a short period. But ultimately, the whole thing was hilarious. And what other way is there to look at it? The challenges came and went, and everything in between was terrific. Throughout, we teamed up with some seriously fantastic and original bands, and met a lot of cool folks. Big thanks to all that made this a reality-----Eric and Ninth Moon Black(thanks Atom and Kasey for babysitting us), Matt and Reigns, Wendy and Uzi, Garrison, Dj Tenex, Les Schwab, Allen "yea brow" Verelly, Ben and Burials, Druden, Chris and Ash St., Pete Jay and BlackQueen, Joy and the awe-inspiring Eye of Nix, Golgothan Sunrise, Blood of Kings, Geeg McSeegins, The Habers, and BJ Dick. Salud! 


Allen eating toast.

Hanging with the Schwabs, PDX chapter.

Hurricane Karina served us a world class brunch at the Hazel Room.


Ashland. Garrison and a handful of others were the only audience members that night, but still this was good fun.
M.D. of Reigns. (photo by Al Case)
Eugene welcomes you.

Atom's LP collection kept us up till the sun rose.

ghosts of Merlin.

Seattle. What an excellent, mixed-up show.
Eye of Nix. What a fantastic performance. Joy scared the shit out of me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NW 2013

In less than a week we head up north again. Here's the short, yet most exciting itinerary:

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Tonight we play the RCA/Hot Mess compound in Oakland. This place just recently won in court against--or at least delayed--their eviction, called for by the reptilian real estate scumcult Rockridge Properties, LLC. So this will be the first show since this victory. Or at least we're hoping it's a victory, because this is a great little venue that would be sorely missed if the unthinkable should happen. The bands we're sharing the floor with are exceptional as well; Ninth Moon Black from Eugene, Aequorea from Grass Valley(our buddy Clay on drums), and Firewitch from Humboldt.

Then, on the 20th of April we do this at the ELBO in SF:

And then, we set sail up north for a minute. Just 3 shows for now, but they'll definitely be exceptional:

APRIL 24-----w/Druden, Burials. Ash St Saloon, Portland, OR
APRIL 26-----w/Ninth Moon Black, tba. Springfield, OR.
APRIL 27-----w/Eye of Nix, Golgothan Sunrise, Blood of Kings. Highline, Seattle, WA.
JUNE 1--------w/Burials, Stoneburner, tba. Eli's, Oakland, CA.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


2012 was one hell of a year for the Hunt. Finishing our first LP, slugging out our first tour, and all the trials and victories in between-- it's taught us a lot, and has bred some serious inspiration for the new year. It's also great to see that our work has rubbed off on others, as BtPoA has ended up on a nice little handful of top 2012 metal lists like this one, and this one, and this one, among others. Thanks to everyone for this support, words cannot express how appreciative we are.

As of now, here's our next show in the Bay, March 24th at DNA:

In the meantime, we'll be putting the pieces together for an April west coast tour. Details coming soon. Hell's bells!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


As short as our journey up and down the northwest was, it was a great one. An inspiring, grueling, and transformative experience. Being back home seems strangely foreign. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm out of scratch, I'd be turning the ignition to the Elsewhere bus right this minute. That's okay, all the more incentive to gear up--more efficiently--for the next adventure. Until then, here's some visual evidence:

(photo: HB)

(screenshot: Allen Verelley)

(screenshot: HB)

(photo: Al Case)

(photo: Al Case)

(photo: Allen Verelley)

(photo: HB)

(photo: HB)

(photo: HB)