Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Some of you might have noticed there was a pressing error with side C of our LP. Kemado has issued a statement on their website addressing the situation:

Wild Hunt Vinyl Update

To everyone that purchased the recently released Wild Hunt LP, Before The Plane Of Angles, we want to apologize for a production mix up. Unfortunately, Side C of the record is out of order – as it was intended, the running order should have been:
Side C
4. Unravel the Veil of Separation, Bask in the Serenity of Discord
5. Plane of Angles
Those songs were swapped on the current pressing, so you are actually listening to “Plane of Angles” first rather than last. We are working on a repressing of the record now, but it was important to the band and us that you know what song you are listening to. Apologies again for this screw up.
Kemado Records

So, the re-pressings of side C should be done in a week or so. If you would like a corrected version sent to you free of charge, email Kemado via their website. 

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